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Johannesburg, the city of gold. The city that is also known as the gateway to Africa is a fast paced environment where businesses have been seen to grow and thrive. As great as the city may be, sometimes you need to relax and recoup. A great place to relax is at a game reserve near Johannesburg.

When you are looking for a quick weekend getaway, a safari getaway, or even a romantic getaway; you need somewhere that is close, luxurious and won’t break the bank! Does such a place exist?

Tented Adventures Bezhoek

Tented Adventures Bezhoek is a small camp on the Bezhoek Private Nature Reserve located near Middleburg, Mpumalanga. This camp is less than 2 hours drive from Gauteng and offers all the luxury you could ever want at an extraordinary price. How? Through Glamping!

Tented Adventures Bezhoek is a camp made up of luxury safari tents. These tents offer the luxuries of a cabin with the outdoor feel. The tents are equipped with two ¾ beds or one king bed and even have an en suite bathroom. They also have the usual electricity and have a gas stove plate to heat a kettle.

What Can You See at Bezhoek?

Bezhoek Private Game Reserve is home to over 300 species of birds. This includes rarely seen birds such as the Verreaux’s Eagle, commonly known as the Black Eagle.

The game reserve near Johannesburg also boasts an array of wildlife with over 1000 free roaming animals. While the reserve does not host the big 5 it does have many animals to see!

What Can You Do at Bezhoek?

Tented Adventures Bezhoek is an activity-packed reserve with lots to do for the whole family. The guided safari experience offers daily morning walks and afternoon game drives in open safari vehicles.

Additional activities on offer also include hiking, mountain biking (please bring your own bikes).

One thing is for sure, you will have lots do keep you busy while staying at Tented Adventures Bezhoek!


We all have a yearning for a secret or weekend getaway! Finding a Game reserve near Johannesburg like Bezhoek Private Nature Reserve makes it is to satisfy your getaway needs. Book your trip and make the short drive down to Bezhoek. The break will do you good!

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