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While global warming threatens the environment, there are worldwide efforts to protect and rehabilitate our precious wildlife, flora, and the earth’s natural resources.  The owners of Bezhoek Private Game Reserve in Middleburg Mpumalanga have made it their mission to preserve and protect the biodiversity of this precious area in the heart of the Olifants River Valley. With the support of the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT), Bezhoek hopes to gain protected status for the reserve and invites you to join them for a safari experience just 30 minutes from Johannesburg.

What Can You Do at Tented Adventures Bezhoek?

With many activities such as hiking and cycling available on the reserve, guests can remain occupied with exploring during their stay. The hiking, cycling, and driving trails and routes cover distances from 6 to 120 km where over 1000 head of game roam freely in this safari. There are 2 vehicles available for safaris.  As you drive along the pristine riverbanks of the Olifants and Klein Olifants Rivers, the symbiosis between wildlife and vegetation is unmistakably breath taking. Whether it is the ancient cycads or rock formations, birdlife or game, a Safari at Tented Adventures Bezhoek offers an experience of nature at its most authentic.

 The elegant giraffes grace the skyline with their magnificent colouring and long necks as they slowly meander the grasslands in search of nourishment.  The best way to experience these and other iconic African game is to take one of the 2-to-3-hour game drives with the experienced guides. Knowing where to find animals and learning more about them from someone with the knowledge to answer your questions is ideal to get the best from your safari.  Eland, sable, oribi, wildebeest, Giraffe and Baboon among other wildlife that roam the reserve. Although quite shy, leopard do roam the reserve and have been caught on cameras installed within the reserve.

 Your safari can be as unique an experience as you want it to be. Exploring the trails and routes on foot or even by mountain bike, will enable a closer more undisturbed encounter with both plants and animals alike.  This may be the chosen option for budding entomologists, geologists and botanists who can get ‘up close and personal’ with the many tiny creatures and delicate rocks and plants which form part of the diversity of this area.  Any twitcher will know that silence is best when watching birds so being on foot is most certainly the best way to experience the 300 strong bird population on display.  Walking or cycling through the reserve will not only give you a closer encounter with nature but will also allow you the choice to experience a safari of smaller things.

Danish author Karen Blixen, wrote in the opening line of her book Out of Africa, I had a farm in Africa…, well Bezhoek is a farm in Africa, it is on the doorstep of Johannesburg, and it is waiting for you to come and experience it in all its natural wonder and living beauty.

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